I was inspired...

My fellow English-lovers always encourage me in brushing up on my English skills through our meetings or chatting and whatnot. I'm making all-out efforts to improve my skills so as not to be left behind them.

Today, I chatted in English with a few friends of mine as usual. I talked to one of them for the first time since she moved out of our prefecture. She seemed to be tied up with tens of thousands of things. She said she had been busy and hadn't had enough time to study English recently. However, her current blog astonished me.
During our chat, the other friend asked us about an idiom, which was referred to on an English radio program. After the chat, I checked the Internet and listened to the program. Although I caught the idiom vaguely, I didn't manage to get them all. I knew it wasn't correct, because I didn't manage to catch them perfectly.
Then, the friend who had asked us sent a text-message. She said the other friend caught and posted it on her blog. Thanks to her, the question was clear!

After that, I listened to the program several times again, but I didn't manage to hear the sound. I've heard of the following: If you can't comprehend some words (even you listen to the sound many times.), your ears never comprehend them because they're very new to you. To catch up and improve your comprehension skill, you must transcribe.

In fact, she often transcribes some English radio programs. I see....It's high time I should start to transcribe some English programs or something like that.
I'll try to transcribe a short conversation from an English program!

Thanks, friends!!




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Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師