As I drank too much...

Last night, my family visited next-door neighbor to have dinner together as the next-door's husband had invited us. We often have time for eating and drinking. Their kids and our son are the almost same age, so they always enjoy playing together. :D
We drank freely and actively.

This morning, I went out to walk as I had drunk too much. lol After all, I felt dull, so I wanted to feel refreshed and have exercise. :D After the brisk walking, I felt "What a wonderful Sunday morning!" haha

How do you translate?

When I was reading an English newspaper, I couldn't understand the following.....

{{{{ But the approach of articles changed dramatically in May 2004 when the Crown Prince remarked, "It is true that there were developments that denied Princess Masako's career "up to" then as well as her personality driven by her career."

"Up to" that point, weekly women's magazines mostly covered the Imperial family as a role model, depicting them in a positive light. But the family came to be discussed differently, especially in terms of relations between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, just like many ordinary families, drawing controversy}}}}

In this case, what does "up to" mean? And how do you translate it into Japanese in this case?
I understood the context and what the writer wanted to say, however, I confused the meaning, "up to", in this case.... and it was a little bit unclear to me. I couldn't come up the most appropriate Japanese words.

I thought " ~と並行して", " ~まで" or something kind of meanings is the best fit in Japanese... After all, "その時まで。。。" and " そのremarkの時まで"???
What do you think?

A stabbing spree

A man killed 7 people and injured 10 others on a street yesterday. According to the police, the man hit a few pedestrians with a truck and then stabbed people. He was quoted as saying, " I came here to kill people. I don't care who they are."

Recently, atrocious rampages have happened one after another.Moreover, it tends to occur on a street teemed with people. I can't believe it at all. I don't have any idea how to protect myself and my son in case.

If you were there, what would you do? How should we grapple with the tendency to stop?

After long time

After long time I dropped at a library. Before I gave a birth I used to visit there.

To find some text books for learning English or something and also for my son, including Japanese picture books, I went. While I was browsing, my husband and son were playing at a park near the library.

I found some these.....

You can see, " 使ってはいけない英語". I read it today.( not finished yet so far) It's interesting and well worth.
Several phrases we could make mistakes were given.
For example.......

" I know the spell"

Yes, it's not correct.
If you use it, it means " I know some 呪文".
So, we should say " I know the spelling."

To review grammar, ways of using phrases, I highly recommend.

The first vaccination

The season has come.. Yes, have to prepare against flu. I've got in a few times before so, I should have to do. Especially, for my son. Year in, year out I get him to take it.

In the afternoon, I took him to get the first vaccination. When we arrived there, as I expected he frowned. (^^;) Fortunately, there were several boys so, he appeared to be relieved a little.
It didn't take a long time, we went home(^^)

After that, as if it was without any happenings, he played to his heart's lol lol

Well, next month he'll have to do the second one..hehehe(^m^) lol lol lol
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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