Like my hardworking students

This season of the year in Japan, many students who are in the 3rd year of junior or high school would be fretting about the entrance exams of the school their choices, and so are several students of mine.

They have been slogging away at study to pass the exams and further more in order to achieve their dreams. I am always learning something from their attitudes, and I try to expand my knowledge and improve my English.
Having said that, as the proverb says, "Easier said than done." I am liable to spoil myself and to gloss over my weakness I mean I am apt to excuse myself for being lazy.

Last year, actually, I was so inundated with work and chores that I couldn't make enough time for myself. In fact, my super busy days caused health problems such a slight cold, and deprived me of my enthusiasm about English. I was apt to put it on the back burner. It was clear that I couldn't manage my time.
That is why I decided that I should chill out and spend time for myself, for studying English in particular, this year!

Oh, don't get me wrong. I never slack off my lessons, of course. lol

Being immersed in English

I have written about this many times here, but let me bring it up again: How do I immerse myself in English every day.

I am an English teacher and regularly take on translation assignments in English, so I am lucky enough to be able to use English every day. What's more, thanks to my friends from overseas, I have more opportunities to use English than before. To brush up on my English, I make a point of reading the papers, watching and listening to English materials as well as writing my entries in English on my blog.

Lately, I started to watch English TV programs on NHK satellite. I didn't use to watch its programs, but the other day I decided to watch one of the channels on a whim, and I found that it would be helpful for me not only to improve my English but also to learn about what is going on in the world. It broadcasts news from all over the world such as America, England, Australia, India, and U.A.E-you name it.
On top of that, we can even watch old movies.

I'm not very fond of morning TV shows which are like attention grabbing Instead of these programs, don't you think it is well worth watching the above ones?

I turned over a new leaf.

My family spent our quality time with the in-laws for the New Year's holidays.

Before visiting the in-laws, I was actually hell-bent on being a perfect mom and wife. I have to admit that I might have been a perfectionist. In fact, I had too much on my plate; nevertheless, I thought that I should do everything. What was worse, I expected my family too much about everything, and chided my son for trifling matters as if I were a micromanager. It is clear that I was terribly self-centered.

Thanks to my son's letter I wrote here in late December and the time I spent with the in-laws, I was able to take another look at myself again and feel totally refreshed.

Ever since my family came back to our house, it seems that my way of thinking might have been changed. Maybe I haven't felt stressful at all because I think "You-my son, should decide and follow your decisions" instead "I should do", and I talk to myself: "Do I have too much on my plate?"and "Is this the thing that I SHOULD do now?" It might seem like that I am a drama queen, but it is a huge burden off my shoulders!

In addition, I am telling to myself: "Take it easy" and "Things will work out".

Be happy, be positive, and enjoy every single moment.
This is my motto.

To refresh my mind

After I got a slight cold, I had feel dull and hadn't wanted to do anything. Having said that, I had to give my regular English lessons, so I pushed myself to go on.
Whenever I feel dull or have too much on my plate, I try to refresh myself by doing like exercising, taking a walk, chatting with my friends or sleeping as much as possible. lol This time, however, anything I tried didn't work. I didn't know why. I was even thinking that I might be in the change of life.

Last week, I took part in an English workshop and talked about my situation. I knew my talk was incoherent and seemed to let off steam, but I kept talking. I hate to sound that I thought nagatively, but at that time I might have been in that way. I was down in the dumps.
After talking, the other members gave me some advice to relax and cheer me up. Thanks to them, I cleared my mind and rethought what to do next and about what made me so anxious.
After the session, I had a good workout. It really worked. I felt refreshed and my mind became so clear.

Now I understood why I was so anxious and what to do next.
I really realized that I am blessed with wonderful friends.

That was interesting!

As I mentioned before, I gave my own English lesson at my son's junior high school yesterday. As you can easily imagine, I was a wee bit nervous, but my cowardice was blown away when I entered the classroom. Many students said to me, "Hello!" or "I'm so excited to listen to your lesson." What wonderful students they are! Thanks to them, I calmed down and put myself together. lol
On top of that, there was a substitute homeroom teacher and he was so funny. His character made me more relaxed.

At the beginning of the lesson, we did warm-up activities. These activities made me revved up lol
Throughout the lesson, I enjoyed a whole lot and gave my own lesson as planned.

I hope someone might be inspired or this lesson might motivate them to chart their own courses. ;)
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師