To refresh my mind

After I got a slight cold, I had feel dull and hadn't wanted to do anything. Having said that, I had to give my regular English lessons, so I pushed myself to go on.
Whenever I feel dull or have too much on my plate, I try to refresh myself by doing like exercising, taking a walk, chatting with my friends or sleeping as much as possible. lol This time, however, anything I tried didn't work. I didn't know why. I was even thinking that I might be in the change of life.

Last week, I took part in an English workshop and talked about my situation. I knew my talk was incoherent and seemed to let off steam, but I kept talking. I hate to sound that I thought nagatively, but at that time I might have been in that way. I was down in the dumps.
After talking, the other members gave me some advice to relax and cheer me up. Thanks to them, I cleared my mind and rethought what to do next and about what made me so anxious.
After the session, I had a good workout. It really worked. I felt refreshed and my mind became so clear.

Now I understood why I was so anxious and what to do next.
I really realized that I am blessed with wonderful friends.

That was interesting!

As I mentioned before, I gave my own English lesson at my son's junior high school yesterday. As you can easily imagine, I was a wee bit nervous, but my cowardice was blown away when I entered the classroom. Many students said to me, "Hello!" or "I'm so excited to listen to your lesson." What wonderful students they are! Thanks to them, I calmed down and put myself together. lol
On top of that, there was a substitute homeroom teacher and he was so funny. His character made me more relaxed.

At the beginning of the lesson, we did warm-up activities. These activities made me revved up lol
Throughout the lesson, I enjoyed a whole lot and gave my own lesson as planned.

I hope someone might be inspired or this lesson might motivate them to chart their own courses. ;)

Love you, Grandpa!

I took my parents to our family grave. It's in the middle of the season called Higan or the equinoctical week. During the week, we have a custom that we visit our family graves and pray. Lately, not everyone has visited, though....

As I had expected, a lot of cars were crawling along the street, bumber to bumper.

Anyway, we cleaned, put some flowers and incense sticks on the grave. I love my grandpa, who passed away on my second birthday. I was too young to remember how much he loved me, but I always feel that he's beside me.
Grandpa, I do love you!

I'll give an English lesson at my son's school.

I regularly visit my son's junior high school, juggling work and chores. I manage to make time although I have a lot of irons in the fire.


To help junior high schoolers learn English, listening skills in particular.
This is a crush course and the students I help every week are in their third year of junior high school.
Actually, I don't teach English because there is an English teacher at the school gives the lessons. I usually help the students, but I will give my own lesson next week because the teacher is going away on business. That sounds interesting, isn't it? My experience in teaching English will go a long way towards the lesson.
I have already planned what to do during the lesson. The only thing that I am a little worried about is if the students will be interested in or not. I had framed the lesson plan to ignite their curiosity, of course, but I am not sure if the idea will work

Anyway, the only thing I should do is have fun, isn't it?

I shouldn't be satisfied.....

I regularly take part in an English workshop and try to improve my English. Everyone knows that I am an English buff and I also refer to myself that way as well. I can say what keeps me going is English although it sounds exaggerated. Don't get me wrong. Even though we call like that, it is a different matter when it comes to my English level.

I don't have trouble communicating with others in English, but I really realized that I shouldn't be satisfied with my current skills. I should go back to when I originally started to brush up on my English. I used to write and post as many English journals as possible, try to skype with my friends to practice speaking, listen to English radio programs and learn new words. Besides, I used to write down new words from the papers and try to use them.

I have to admit that I am liable to let myself become complacent. There is no denying the fact that I was satisfied with my current skills. However, I have rethought it. I should turn over a new leaf.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師