Finally, I have completed!

As I wrote here before, I had been taking TESOL course. Finally, I have completed all of the tasks and sent them to my tutor.
They were rewarding. Luckily I have taken training at my company, so I didn't have difficulty completing every task although some tasks required me to take some time.

I am looking forward to my tutor's feedback. Without his feedback, I can't apply for its certification........

Helping Junior high school students

The junior high school that my son goes to offers us short-term classes in things like Yoga, English, Origami, Swimming, Badminton etc. The classes aren't for the students. Anyone can take the lesson they want. However, some classes are understaffed so they need help from volunteers called guest teachers.
When I got the information from my son, I was curious to help out, especially with English. Of course, if my schedules would be allowed. Besides, a student of mine, who goes to the same school, asked me to help her and other students.
That was why I decided to help as a guest teacher.

The lessons I was assigned are the high school exam prep class. Our main focus is the listening section. The first day I visited, the students who took the course seemed a little nervous, and to be honest I was, too. It was my first experience to take on that kind of the course at a public school.
First, I saw how far they could understand English. Interestingly, they were too shy, but they understood what I said to a certain degree. Only one problem I saw was that the amount of listening time wasn't enough. That was why they didn't know how to react or they weren't familiar with English sound.
In order to break the ice, I asked the teacher to give me some time at the beginning of each lesson.

Thanks to the warm-up exercises, they gradually seemed to feel relaxed and to turn on the English mode.
It is true that there is room for improvement to master better listening skills, but I felt there would be the potential to greatly improve their skills.

What the Heck!

The worst-case scenario happened to me.....

I had a car accident a week ago. It was my first experience and I NEVER EVER forget it!
This is the story:
When I was turning right at the intersection, the car had parked at a parking lot of the convenience store directly hit my car!
The traffic light was green and I made sure that there was no oncoming car or pedestrian. Just after I turned right, the car ran into my car! The car seemed to get in the opposite lane from the corner of the intersection. What the heck!
My car was too damaged to move at all. A lot of people around the business buildings were rush to help me out. Thanks to their help, we managed to park my car at the parking lot.
Fortunately, no one got injured....This is the only thing I can say, "I'm lucky."
As you can easily imagine, I needed to call the police, my car insurance agent and a tow truck and a rental car.....What with one thing and another, it took five hours after the accident happened!

The nightmare was going on. My car insurance agent called me and said, " In this case, it was the driver's fault. But, under the traffic law, it'll be a little your fault. And the repair cost will be 800,000 yen....Maybe, you'll have to pay the ten percents of the cost or so.... "

..............NO WAY!!!!........

But, I had my car inspected this February, so there was no choice but to repair.....
According to the agent, it will take about one month.....

I am missing my lovely car! Please come back soon!!

Got off to a Good Start....Maybe...

As I mentioned here before, I made a step forward. First, I took a language course for English teachers called TESOL. I belong to a private language company and have taken teacher trainings there. I have a certificate, but it applies to only my company. I don't have any official license like a teacher license and would like to learn about what teaching methods are like from scratch.
I have heard of TESOL before and had been curious to take the lessons. I was undecided to do because I wasn't sure if my English would be eligible for the course. Yes, I have to admit I was a coward. However, I changed my mind and decided to think positive. I said to myself, "Go for it." I don't have any scores on the TOEFL test or the 1st grade of the STEP test, so I had to take a test to see if I would be eligible or not
I was surprised to see I passed the test because I had thought I would have to take extra lessons to take the course. The writing scores was surprising me the most: I got almost full marks in the writing section. I have practiced writing skills on this site and the efforts might have paid off. haha
Anyway, I have started taking the lessons and already submitted some tasks to my tutor.
I found the course so interesting and rewarding. I am looking forward to my tutor's feedback!

Another is that I took the TOEIC test last month. Its part of the form has been changed and it means examinees would be required more practical English.
After taking the test, I had been totally desperate. My scores would be miserable....I had thought.
However, it wasn't at all. It wowed me and I was walking on air. lol
I am not still satisfied with the results, of course, because I know there are some weak points that I have to work on.

Well, it sounds a good start and I am trying moving on to the next stage!

Making a Step Forward

I finally made some time to write my article here. I've been swamped with chores and work. I was almost worn out, but I managed to survive.

The other day, a students of mine gave me a letter after her lesson. She's the same age as my son and hardworking. In fact, it has been only two years since she started to learn English at my class; nevertheless, she has a good command of English. I should say she's a quick learner as well as hardworking.
The letter she gave me said the following:

"I'm happy to learn English at your class and I hope I can use English like you. You're so lively that I'm amazed at your vitality every time I take your lessons.---Text partly omitted--- I want to be a ground staff working at an airport in the future, so I have to study harder. Besides, I hope I'll surpass you one day."

After reading this letter, I was so moved and saw her growth. I'm sure she'll pull it off. At the same time, thanks to her letter, I was inspired a lot. As I'm always saying, I love to try something new and interesting, and I stick to think positive.
I don't want to excuse myself for whatever I can't do.

For that reason, I made a step forward! hehe
I have a couple of things to try. I don't know how long it takes to attain my goals, but I moved forward.

More power to me!!!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4)