Planning on Going Abroad

To experience different cultures and expand my horizons, I make a point of trying something new and interesting.

Going abroad is one way of feeling refreshed and helps me move forward. Apart from that, I try to see what my Englihs is like.
Last year, my family and I visited Shanghai for the first time. I had thought there would be people who could understand English, but my expectations were off. I had trouble communicating with them but I learned a different culture.

I originally had planned to go to Guam, Australia or Singapole, but my husband and son's schedules didn't allow us to go there. For that reason, the only option we could take was to go to one of the Asian countries such as Korea or China again and we decided to go to Hong Kong.
In fact, my husband and I went there 14 years ago and we are interested in seeing what's going on.

We have already booked our flights and a hotel room and hope everything will be going smoothly.

A Church Service on Christmas Day

I visited a church yesterday. My friend and her family from America had invited me to join a Christmas worship.
I was sad that we didn't manage to have time to see each other last year because our schedules didn't match. That is why I really wanted to see them.

My first experience joining a church service on Christmas day, so I was a little bit nervous. However, on arriving at the church, I unwound myself as its staff members welcomed me warmly. We struck up a friendship. When I got there, the family hadn't arrived yet. I started chatting with the staff members while waiting for the family. During our chat, they took me for a Japanese-American because there were people of different nationalities. I was surprised that they didn't recognize me as a Japanese until another staff member told them that I wasn't a Japanese-American. lol They seemed a little embarrassed, but we laughed fit to bust. I was happy to see what my English was like, in front of native speakers in particular, and to see my efforts to improve my English paid off. haha

During a Christmas worship, we sang hymns and learned a lot from the pastor's preaching. When my son was little, he went to Christian preschool, so I knew a little about Christianity.
This opportunity reminded me of love, peace and joy.

A Huge Sinkhole Opened Up.

Watching TV this morning, I was surprised to know this: A huge sinkhole opened up beneath a road near the Hakata station.

I wasn't sure if the news wans't true at the time, but it was. After checking other news, I found out that a large part of the street near the Hakata station has caved in.
In the morning, I had to go to a meeting at my company, so I guessed that the station would be crawling with a large number of commuters.

Arriving at the station, I felt something strange. The massive sinkhole has caused a power failure around the area and a part of the railroad-station concourse. Some helicopters were hovering. I was so scared.....

According to the city office, subway construction, which has been under way to extend the city subway line, might have caused the cave-in. The police and city office called on people in the buildings nearby areas to evacuate for fear of more cave-ins, building collapse and a gas leak.

Fortunately, serious injured people haven't been reported except for a slightly hurt woman, who is in her 70's.
If the accident had happened in the daytime, it would have taken a large number of lives...

I hope there is no secondary accident or more cave-ins....

My Embarrassing Stories

The other day, I walked to a shopping mall instead of driving a car because the weather was so lovely to walk for health.
I usually walk for one or two hours whenever I make time.

A few minutes after I left home, I found that I had forgotten to remove a curler from my hair!!! Oh, my...... I was lucky because no one was there. hehe But, I was so embarrassed that I rushed back to my house.....

Another day, I went to a supermarket to buy some toilet paper. However, I bought some boxed tissues somehow......Besides, I didn't realize it at all when buying them. After arriving at home, I found that I had carelessly bought the wrong good.

Was it a senior moment? Anyway, I should be more careful, otherwise I might make a big mistake sometime soon...

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Last Thursday, I took part in a Japanese tea ceremony for the first time. The Japanese class that I regularly help with organized the event for its students to experience in Japanese culture. The teachers and volunteer staff wore their yukata, which are traditional Japanese clothes for summer. Some of the teachers brought theirs for the students because they would like to try them on.
Actually, we should wear kimono this season, but wearing yukata is simpler than kimono. Luckily, it was sunny and warm enough to wear yukata.

During the event, the instructor of tea ceremony told us about the basic manners and how to make tea. I'm ashamed that there were a lot of things I didn't know. It was well worth learning Japanese traditional culture.

After that, we had lunch together because one of the students is moving out next month. She and I hit it off when we got to know each other and I like her a lot as if she was my younger sister.
We enjoyed a whole lot and promised to keep in touch with each other, of course.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4)