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The role of sports in today's society.

We can watch sports and enjoy playing them anytime and anywhere. The number of people who regularly exercise through sports has been increasing. Let's think about the role of sports that it has became a part of our lives.
First, there is a tendency that we have been taking care of our health more than ever. In fact, our attention is drawn to it through mass media. Especially, " metabolic syndrome" be picked up these days. One of ways to prevent is exercise through sports. It's not only a medical viewpoint but we can also refresh and release our stress.
Second, it has economic effects of sports. Tiger Woods, who is a famous golf player, would be the example of this. When he competes in a golf match, many industries, from golf clubs and clothes to mass media, can benefit a great deal from him and the sport.
Finally, we can't rule out the Olympics. This summer, the Olympics is going to be taken place in China. Although there are some controversies such as pollution, etc, we can learn a moral code, the importance of shooting for our goals and the big competition can make a deep impressions on us.
After all, we can say sports bear an important, indispensable role for our society and ourselves and will continue in the future.

The second essay

Changes in Japanese women's attitudes toward their careers

Once, people thought it that women should stay at home and do house chores. Japanese women were also thought it was natural. However, they have been participating in social affairs.
After women's liberation, Japanese women were also inspired to work outside of the home little by little. But at that time, working or having careers was so hard for them. They faced gender discrimination and were thought of lightly; nevertheless, thanks to an economic growth and recognition of women's education, now it's natural. They're going into the world rapidly and taking on careers with eagerness. The eagerness has been changing their life styles, too. After they got married and gave birth, many women tend to continue working. However, we can't deny that gender discrimination and hardship to continue working still remain, moreover, that agonize themselves. On top of that, it's true there's a gap between their needs and companies' views.
They'll pursue their happiness and careers more and more from now on. We should reconsider our present social style to meet the gap and create surroundings called a work-life balance.

The first essay

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The need for alternative energy sources

Recently, we've concerned about the global warming. In fact, many countries have held conferences and discussed how to cut down carbon dioxide emission. On top of that, they're also mulling over energy sources. Here are the reasons and what we should do from now.
First, oil price has been skyrocketing. Every product has been affected due to the situation and we have been compelled to manage to make ends meet. The world economic has also faced the stagnation.
Second, we've also dealt with pollution. We should know the more we develop, the more energy consumption increase.
So, we've been tackling with it. Some car maker has released hybrid vehicles. Many people try to bring bags, " eco-bag" or " my bag ", when they go to a supermarket. These're focused on the global environment and energy.
If we want to live and hand over the beautiful world to our descendants, we should considering getting down to whatever you can do. Before anything else we must become aware there is a limit to the energy.
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