I've been struggling

I'm always saying, but I'd like to speak out again here, "I've been struggling to explain Japanese culture and to that effect in English!"

This afternoon, I took an online lesson. My teacher speaks so clear and has an American accent that I can listen to her speaking without trouble. In addition, she's always encouraging me to keep brushing up on my skills. As such I'm so lucky I met her. (Actually, she's so nice that her lesson schedule is always full.)

Well, this time we discussed the following: Saitama man died During the lesson, she asked me about Japanese medical system. I don't have a large stock knowledge as to its system, but I tried to explain it as much as I could and why happened to him even though it's said that Japan is one of the best health services in the world.
In addition, I told her about what should be done in Japan and for our future.
As I mentioned, I can say what a awful speaking!. I was so ashamed of myself. There're what should be done in my speaking as well...--;

Are you for or against?

Yesterday afternoon I took an online lesson. This time the teacher who regularly teaches me game me the following article: Death Penalty

Are you for or against it?
I'm for it without any hesitation. Let me explain the reason why.

First, the existence of the penalty absolutely deters crimes. In fact, the crime rate in Japan is much lower than in other developed countries even though we can't say there's no crime here.
Second, there's a life sentence in Japan, but it's somewhat different from those of other countries. Those who are given a life sentence and serving time could get out of the prison under certain conditions. A minor, for example, killed several people in cold blood. The minor's face, name or whatever aren't unveiled because he or she is a minor. The judge pronounced a life sentence on the minor, but the minor could get out of the prison with mercy. It could be possible.
Third, some insist that no one violate human rights. Right then, how about victims' ones?

I can't deny, of course, that it's possible to take the risk of judging innocent people. As such we shouldn't judge lightly based on our emotions but conclude based on firm evidence.
In addition, the criminal law like a life sentence in Japan should be changed in accordance with the situation or days.

For the above reasons, I think that capital punishment shouldn't be abolished.

That's a long way to go!

When you're reading an article, which way is easier for you to grasp the content, reading it silently or reading it aloud?

In my case, it's the former. I make a point of reading the papers to improve my English skills. During that time, I usually read them silently. If I read them aloud, I'm apt to focus on my pronunciation and intonation rather than grasping the contents. As such I have difficulty grasping the contents as I'm reading them loudly.
I think I need to improve that point, so I try the latter way when I take online lessons and take part in the English workshop where I belong.

Today I took two lessons. In the course that I'm taking, I have to discuss or speak in a logical way about articles from the news such as CNN, BBC, VOA and so forth. The articles my teachers gave me weren't hard to understand, but because of the previously mentioned reason I was often lost in the articles.

Do you have any ideas to understand easily? Rather than that, should I just practice and practice?

The first online lesson

I don't want to stick to the topic, but I'd like to talk about online lessons again this time.

Simply put, I decided to take the online lessons of the teacher I talked about yesterday. This afternoon I talked with one of the staff about the procedure I should follow and then I right away made an appointment. In fact I was wavering when to take her lessons, but I did it tonight.

After our short chat, she sent an article and we discussed it. There weren't words I didn't know, but I learned more details. It was intriguing and helpful to me.
I'm looking forward to the next lesson.^^
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師