Call to the U.S

When you go shopping, do you ever use your credit cards? Have you ever had any troubles related to your cards?
I occasionally use my card, but I've never faced any troubles so far.

I received a translation assignment a few days ago. This time, actually it was not to translate but to call overseas for inquiries. I had to call to the U.S.

When I made an international call, to the southeast Asian countries in particular, I used to be nervous. However, I'm getting used to calling overseas. It's like "Que sera sera". lol

Well, let's get back to the story. The person who asked me to call had had a trouble with his credit card. Some money was drawn from his account, so he wanted a company to restore to his account. I called the company to ask what to be needed on behalf of him.

A staff member explained the details with merciless speed, but I managed to follow her. Luckily, I got used to her natural speed at the end of our conversation. I realized that I should practice listening and speaking more.

As for the task, I finished it smoothly. Phew.....

Helping at Two Translation Companies

As some friends of mine know, while I teach English, I help translate documents regularly assigned. When I'm flooded with my lessons and some assignments, frankly I'm not calm nor composed until everything is done. Some might think that I shouldn't squeeze any assignment into my schedule to relax. However, it's not my choice because those tasks must be useful and enlarge my experience in English.

Recently, I found another translation company, and applied to it as an translator. The manager told me that regarding in the realms I could handle, there are few requests. As such he was not sure whether he would assign tasks to me, he said. Still, he registered my name for the present.

I had thought that there would be few assignments. A few days later, however, the manager called me and assigned the first task, which was about a formal thank-you mail. I completed it right away, of course.
The following day, the manager called me again, and told me that he would try to leave assignments to me regularly. In addition, he left me the second assignment.
To be honest, I had too much on my plate, but I was happy to receive it. :)

This season of the year, I'm considering my career path for the future.

I'm trying whatever I'm interested in.

Clear Pronunciation

Last Saturday, I received an assignment that I would make an international call. I've taken on that kind of task several times before, though, all of them were to Asian or Southeast Asian countries.
Those who live in these counties have strong English accents, so I often have difficulty following them.
This time, however, I was less nervous becasue it was to Canada! On top of that, I was curious to see how much I would be able to follow the speaker and whether the speaker would understand my English clearly.

I wanted to call that very day, but I had to wait for a few days because of the time difference and weekends. Moreover, last Monday was a holiday in the province where I was calling.

Finally, I made the call this morning. As I had expected, it was so clear and accustomed pronunciation that I followed the speaker without any trouble. :)
In addition, I was impressed that the speaker was very kind and answered my inquiries in a polite way.

I have come to like Canada more and more!

The First Translation Assignment This Year

After my family came back from my parents-in-law's house, I hoped I would let my hair down. I mean I wouldn't do the housework but leave it up to my hubby.

The following day, I turned on my PC, and checked my e-mails and blog. At the time, I found that the first translation assignment had arrived. I was surprised a little bit because just after my holiday I had asked the company finished, they sent me the first assignment. I was, of course, happy to receive it, so right away I got down to it.

The assignment was more painstaking than I had expected. It took longer to complete it than usual and I was exhausted, but I felt fulfilled. :)

My first lesson this year is supposed to start tomorrow.

Thank You So Much!

I've just received an e-mail from the company to which I belong as a translator and interpreter.

A staff member informed me that they decided to entrust a task to me as an on-the-spot translator starting the next year.
Ever since I started to help translate or interpret, I've often taken on some tasks that I had to translate on the spot as well as ordinary translation assignments. Every time I took the task, which was a temporary one, I tried to do my darnest. Luckily, I was recognized as an on-the-spot tanslator as well!

I was surprised, but I'm beside myself with joy. haha
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4) TESOL認定講師