Is He the Bane of Your Class?

This time of every year, elementary and junior high school teachers make home visits. My son's homeroom teacher visited my house last week. His teacher is a man who is in his 30's, and he's the first male homeroom teacher to my son.
I was curious to know what he was like.

When we started talking about my son's behavior and attitude toward his friends and teachers, he said to me, "It's only two weeks since the new academic year started, though, your son doesn't seem good at expressing what he's thinking."
It was so sudden that I couldn't answer anything.
He told me that he expected my son to put his thoughts in order and reply when he talks to him. I understood his pont, but I wasn't sure if it was a serious problem, it was what he should tell me at that time or what I should know NOW.

Let me get this straight.
As for teachers' home visits in Japan, it's usually about 10 minutes to talk with each other. It's only a few weeks since a new academic year started. We don't know each other well, and it's good time to share the information about our kids.
If a teacher tells us about something, negative things in particular, in a short time, parents may well think that our kids would annoy others, would be the bane of the class or would be a serious problem with them.

Actually, it was my first experience since my son entered an elementary school. No teacher told me like that except for him. No one told me that he might have a problem. Rather than that, they were surprised to hear and said, "Why? Your son is very nice and organized. I've never heard of that kind of thing before."

I know he's shy toward strangers, isn't gifted in verbal skills and he's apt to get a little carried away sometimes, but he's very organized and punctual.
I think this is his own character and this is my son! He was watching carefully what the teacher was like. That was why he didn't know what to say when the teacher talked to him.

How Busy!

My son has been a member of a soccer team for five years and is into playing soccer. He took part in a soccer game last Sunday morning. He was excited and went to the ground he would play. However, I was worried about whether the game would be finished as scheduled or be pushed back ten or twenty minutes because he had to take the STEP test in the afternoon.
I was thinking "if his team advances to the final, there is no time left for us". Maybe we would arrive at the place where he would take the test on time. However, I wasn't sure.

As I had guessed, his team won and advanced the final...^^; I was happy to see him play, of course, but at the same time I had mixed feelings. Sorry, my son..^^;
After the final, we headed for the place at warp speed. As you can imagine, he didn't have time to change his uniform! He just put on his windbreaker and changed his shoes while I was driving to the place.

We luckily arrived there just ten minutes before the test....Phew.....You might call me a pushy mom, though....
I hope he will pass it.....

Anyway, his team won the final! lol

For Santa and Reindeer

My son, who is in the 4th grade, still believes in Santa Claus. Last night, he was preparing some milk and snacks for Santa and his reindeer. He told me that Santa Claus would be exhausted from visiting all over the world and his reindeers would be thirsty.
How sweet!
I wrote a message to cherish his pure heart as if it was a letter from Santa.

I hope he will be pleased with the message and presents.

Like Father, Like Son

Maybe, a lot of people including me have habits. I think we're unconsciously doing each habit.

As for my hubby, he has a trick of fiddling with his hair. While driving his car in particular, he's doing that. About my son, he has the same habit! lol "Like father, Like son", right? haha

Too Serious!?

Last Tuesday, I was giving a regular lesson as usual. At the time, my son called me. I thought something bad might have happened to him, so I answered his call in spite of being in the middle of the lesson.

He told me he had forgotten to bring his math textbook home and couldn't do his homework, sobbing bitterly. Oh...........I see........
Luckily, he had soccer practice at his school on that day, so I said, "Then, you should go to your teachers' room to pick it up." However, he told me he was too nervous to go there.
He seemed panicked and didn't listen to me at all....--; I thought he wouldn't calm down for a while, so decided to hang up....haha^^; Don't get me wrong. I had no choice but to do that in that situation! lol

Just after I arrived home, he came back home as well. I asked him what he did after I hanged up. He told me that he'd had a tantrum, but went to the teachers' room to pick it up before his soccer practice.

See? You could do it by yourself. All you can do is to think what you should do at first in any circumstance!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師