Having a natter with my friends

This morning I invited some English leaners of my friends to have a natter over coffee. (We regularly have that kind of meeting to practice speaking English.)

The members and I hadn't met for about one month, so I was thrilled to meet them and have quality time together. To be honest, I hadn't managed to have much time to practice speaking recently. As you can imagine easily, I had a load of topics I wanted to talk about. lol

As soon as they arrived at my house, I started to speak English and couldn't stop talking. haha (I hope they weren't caught short...)
Well, during the meeting they asked me about some English expressions. These questions are very helpful for me to build up my vocabulary or expressions every time.

I had to wrap up the meeting earlier than usual because my son's classes for this year ended this morning, so I had to pick him up.
Needless to say, I felt fulfilled thanks to the members; however, I still need some time to chat with others in English. lol

At a stylish cafe

My fellow English-lovers and I met up to have lunch together yesterday. One of them had recommended a stylish cafe, which was featured on TV, and made a reservation.
When we arrived at the cafe, all tables were occupied except for our table. @0@

Well, the reason we got together at the cafe because it was the last meeting this year and we had decided to have like a small year-end party. As we're all wives and it's relatively hard for us to go out at night, we had the meeting at noon.
As for the cafe, as I mentioned, it was a very stylish and its dishes were reasonable and tasty. We were quite pleased with them. I got some hints to make dinner for Christmas from the dishes. hehe
Concerning our meeting, we didn't speak English at the beginning...Xl Aw...However, we, of course, started to have a natter in English. To my sadness, I left the cafe early because I had to pick up my son.

I spent quality time with my fellow English learners. I'm looking forward to the first meeting of next year.

An informative meeting

I took part in the English club I belong to this morning. The club is held twice a month and it's indispensable for me to brush up on my English skills.

Today's theme was "Writing E-mails", including e-mail salutations and sign off variations. As I very often write E-mails in English, it quite intrigued me. The native English speaker, who regularly takes part in, had prepared the topic. He had planned we would talk about the topic for the first half of the two-hour meeting. (As for the second half, he had also prepared another topic.) However, many questions came up one after another and his talk was interesting, so we ended up spending two hours about the topic.

At the end of the meeting, he gave us his handmade honey. The smell seemed tasty! Regularly he holds workshops for cooking in English. Some of the culb's members, their kids, my son and I are going to take part in his workshop next week!

I should have contacted him.

After I took my son to his kindergarten, I headed to a local community center to take part in the English club I belong to.

These days the other members and I invite the native English speaker who is from NZ, whose skill areas are food and coffee.
Every meeting he takes part in intrigues me because he gives us interesting topics ranging from food to idioms.

We were supposed to meet him as usual; however, he didn't appear this time. As I had sent an E-mail to him regarding the next meeting which would be held on the 8th Dec, he might have forgotten today's meeting. Xl I should have contacted him to confirm it....
Anyway, we decided to get down to the English radio textbook we use. We read some vignettes loud and then, tried to memorize vocabulary through a few games. Thanks to the games, I was able to learn them by heart. haha

Well, I'm worried about the reason he was absent from....(I sent E-mail to him, but I've yet to receive his reply so far.) I hope he doesn't have any trouble but just forgot today's meeting and will meet him the next meeting.....

Longer than yesterday's chat

I had a free English conversation through Skype yesterday. Today, I visited one of my friends to have another free English conversation. Usually, there are four of us, but one of them was absent from today's meeting because her daughter had a fever.

Thanks to yesterday's conversation, I felt any words I wanted to say came out of my mouth smoothly. :D We talked about a variety of topics such as our work. Needless to say, I was into talking to the members in English. We had a conversation for three hours!! Yes! I had a great time and practiced speaking English to my heart's content!!
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


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