Mysterious TOEIC

Last November I finally attained one of my goals- to get 900 or over on the TOEIC test.
It took a long time for me to get the score, so I was in the seventh heaven.

Just after taking the test, an idea came into my mind: if I don't study for the test except for my daily routine of studying English, what score will I get?
Having said that, after attaining my goal, I had been less interested in the test than the STEP test. I must admit that I seemed to have experienced burnout somewhat.

Today I got the results...

I did it again!

I was on cloud nine, of course, but at the same time I was surprised at the score...What a mysterious test!...

The vocabulary of the 1st grade

After I got 900 on the TOEIC test, I got down to enriching my vocabulary for the 1st grade of the STEP test.

It's true the vocabulary is somewhat academic and written languages, so many people who are aiming at passing the grade have difficulty memorizing it. I'm one of them if anything. However, I make a point of reading English newspapers, so some words are luckily familiar and relatively easy to memorize.

Meeting these words in the text books I use, I felt " Wow! Lucky me! Thanks my papers!"
It absolutely gave an impetus to me.

Well, here's some vocabulary of the 1st grade...

cordon off
recuperate from
flesh out
haggle over
succumb to
rattle off


Actually they were used in the papers. The papers are goldmines when it comes to the vocabulary!

175回 TOEIC アビメ

A few days ago I got the TOEIC score certificate. We can check what we should shore up and see the details of each score.

I'm ashamed to say, I'm not good at analyzing it....

Here's the details of my score....



Getting up this morning, I was fidgeting because I would get the result of TOEIC test.

After giving my regular English lesson and doing chores, I turned on my computer...
In fact, I was afraid of checking the result, yes, I had `numerous` butterflies in my stomach in front of my PC.

The result was....................................................


I did it!!!

However, I barely got it..... I shouldn't rest on my laurels but should keep at it!

175回 TOEIC 

Yesterday I took TOEIC test. Some might say, "You did it again? How many times did you take it this year?" In fact, my hubby said like that. lol

I was supposed to take the test next year. However, I was mortified at the last score, which I took the test in September. The Reading section was all-time high score to me, but the Listening one was an obstacle in my way. As such I squeezed into my schedule.

I felt that I did it well compared to the last. (You might as well not bank on it, though...)

Here's my review...


応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師