Torrential Rain

When I woke up, it was raining heavily this morning. We're in the middle of the rainy season in Japan, so I wasn't surprised to see the rain, but it made me feel dull somewhat.
I usually take part in an open conversation class on Thursdays, but this time I was undecided because of the bad weather. To add to that, I felt sluggish a little bit.

However, I decided to participate in it to refresh and inspire myself. In spite of the weather, there were 3 of us today. :)
As I'm always saying, I didn't manage to come out words I wanted to express.....haha

Better Luck Next Time!

Discuss an Article

I take part in an open conversation every Thursday, but I'm always frustrated with my poor skills after the class. That's why I try to find any opportunity to practice more after that class.

Yesterday I skyped one of my fellow English-lovers to study together. This time we discussed the article I had sent her-Spousal tax break targeted to get wives out of house.

As working moms, we were intrigued by the article. After I read it, I felt that it would be too immature to discuss at the status quo and it sounded good to us, but seemed a veneer agenda. I mean it's just for increasing tax revenues and reducing our towering debt burden in Japan.
Don't get me wrong. I understand that the working population in Japan has been decreasing and we'll clearly need new sources of labor. I totally agree that anyone who wants to land a job, expand their horizons and be independent should get out of house. The reason might be for our lives, though.
The government prompts us to get out of houses, but who takes care of our kids? When our kids become ill, who picks them up right away and takes care? If it takes time to get well, how to juggle between house chores and work?
The government proposed that one woman should be listed an executive position. However, how many women have been appointed as that position? How low it is, compared with other developed countries!

To go out of houses, we need places and people that we can entrust our kids. We definitely need our families' help. I'm sad to say, but it's true that there's still Japanese have a conservative sense of value in our minds, including me. We should see the old sense in a new light at first. I believe that it will make a difference and lay the groundwork for our working styles as well.

Craving to Practice Speaking

My friends can understand my feelings, though, I've been craving to practice speaking English. Whenever I find a chance to speak, I'm always jumping at the opportunity.

I used to take online lessons, but I quit them because of my computer problems and I realized that I preferred to talk face to face.
Luckily there's an English school, which is located a 15-minute drive from my house, and an open conversation class is held every Thursday. Now I try to take part in the class instead.

This morning I went there as usual. This time I had a lot of topics I wanted to talk about, so I'm ashamed to say, but I started talking away to beat the
After the class, which was about an hour and half, I felt like talking more. I know how strange I was, but it's true that I'm always like that...^^;

I regularly take part in the class as well as a conversation workshop, though, I'm wondering about starting a new conversation meeting...

Skyped on My Phone

Ever since my spring vacation started, I've been recharging my batteries and feeling relaxed. I have enough time, so I can do chores without being pressed for time. At the same time, it's true that I have less opportunities to speak English than usual. Those who know me can easily imagine, though, it's like a torture to me...^^; I've, of course, read the papers and listened to the news in English, but these never satisfy me at all.....

Yesterday morning I took part in an English open conversation. Shamefully enough, I often got tongue-tied during the time. Aw.... What poor skills! Don't get me wrong. When it comes to my skills, I've never exuded confidence at all.
Well, I was disappointed with myself. However, I luckily had an appointment with my friend in the afternoon to have a natter in English. As such, I decided to practice speaking to my heart's content!

This time, I skyped her on my smart phone due to my computer problem. As I mentioned before, every time I tried to sign in to skype on my PC, it wouldn't open. That's why I installed Skype on my phone. I wasn't sure if it would work well, luckily it did! Hurray!
What was better, our connection was so clear that we could practice speaking English without any troubles.

I was relieved that I would be able to skype my friends the same as always.

To My Heart's Content!?

Whenever I have spare time on Thursdays, I try to take part in an open conversation class called "Morning Cafe". To improve my conversation skills and have an opportunity of having chat with a native English speaker, this class is indispensable for me.

This time, one of my students, who is in her 60's, and I visited the class together. It was the second time for her to take part in it. I might have told, though, it would not only be helpful but inspire her to keep learning English.
To add to that, during the class, I'm not a teacher but a participant. As such I can feel relaxed and talk in English to my heart's content. ^^

I couldn't stop talking on entering the room because recently I hadn't had enough time to practice speaking English, so I had been itching for talking. lol
We had quality time together, of course. However, when it comes to the satisfaction of my enthusiasm to talk in English, it really requires even more time.
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 935 (2018.4) TESOL認定講師