From a Kindergartener to Junor High School Students

Yesterday, an English language test called the STEP test was held. Some of my students, who range in age from a kindergartener to junior high schoolers, tried the test.

Some took it in the morning, the others did it in the afternoon. Most of them have taken it before, so I thought they would know what to do on that day. I knew that I was worrying too much, but I thought I should be there and encourage them before the test started. As such I rushed to the place where they took it. I might have been more fidgeting than them. lol

Anyway, I'm sure they'll pass their grades, but nobody knows what happens.....Now all I can do is to pray to God for their success!

What a Poor Boy!

I usually hold meetings with my students' parents twice a year. One of them is held during the summer vacation and the other is done at the end of the year.

At the meetings, we talk about a variety of topics ranging from their attitudes during my lessons to private matters. As a teacher, these meetings are indispensable for me to see my classes objectively and to know what they require in my classes.

Last week, I held a meeting with one of my students and his mother. Frankly, he's been a troublesome student somewhat. He's forgotten his homework and some tasks I had given him many times. What's worse, he's liable to toy with his pencil, eraser or something like that while I'm talking. In fact, as he usually doesn't listen to me, his skills have lagged behind in his class. Of course, I've tried to do whatever I came to mind to attract his attention and to interest him in English for five years. However, all of my attempts failed... He hasn't got involved in my lessons on his own volition.
As such, I asked his mother about his attitude toward other subjects at his school. As I imagined, he hasn't done well in those either.
His mother made a clean breast of their private matters. She's a full-time worker, so she hasn't spent enough time with him since he was small. What's worse, she's not good at caring for his studies. That's why she decided to leave the responsibility up to schools such as a cram school or my class.
Not only she, but his father doesn't get involved either....

When he was in the lower grades, I told her to have time with him and to try to get involved in his home study. I believe that the lower grades is the most important stage for children to make a point of studying at home. However, she missed the time....
During the meeting, I asked him how much he enjoyed learning English. At that time, his mother interrupted and said, "You told me you tried to study English for ME, not yourself, didn't you!"
He shrunk away from her....Oh, my......

Truthfully, ever since he entered my class, I've been afflicted by his attitude. I've mulled over the reason and the best way for his studies.
After that, I realized the reason why he's always distracted and doesn't listen to me: his parents' apathy toward him or his school life causes his languid attitude toward everything.....

What a poor boy!

A Big Typhoon and My Lessons

As you may know, a once-in-a-decade typhoon is coming. According to the weather forecast, it's supposed to hit Kyushu tomorrow morning.

This morning I was involved in an English workshop. After that, the wind started getting stronger. Some of elementary schools closed earlier than usual and my co-worker decided to cancel her all English lessons. I planned to give my lessons as usual because it was gusty but my students would still manage to come to my class, I thought. To be honest, however, I wasn't sure if I should give my lessons.
When I arrived at the community center where I regularly give my lessons, it started pouring rain. In addition, the wind started blowing harder. As such, I decided to cancel my all lessons at the last minute. Still, I thought we could study, but I called my students' parents just in case...

Although my today's lessons were canceled, my translation assignment is still waiting for This time, it seems challenging to me and I guess it'll take some time to finish it....

Stay Safe and Be Patient....^^;

Their Growth

The other day I gave my English lessons as usual. One of them was for boys who are in the 4th grade. They've learned English for 4 years, so they can communicate with others in simple English to a certain degree.
Our text books are relatively challenging to all our classes. As such, if they don't do their homework or they put aside what to do, they'll go to the abyss without fail as saying "I can't understand at all!".

Let's get back to the story. The boys have gargantuan energy, so I'm very often taken aback by them. This time, however, I was surprised at the growth of their English skills.
When I told them to take out their text books, they opened them to the page I said. At that time, they started reading aloud the some sentences they would study in the lesson without any help. These were new sentences for them, but they've heard or said them before. That's why they might be able to read them this time, if anything, I found that their skills were definitely improving.

As you can easily imagine, the lesson moved on and on without any problem.

What Kind of Present Should I Choose?

As I mentioned before, one of my students, who is a would-be pianist, passed a college of music exam. I'm delighted to hear of her success. At the same time, however, I'm missing her because her last lesson is drawing closer as well: She's going to graduate from my class.

After passing a high school entrance exam, she was wavering between being promoted to the class for high schoolers and quitting our school. In fact a fistful of junior high school students decided to try the next class. Most of the students who enrolled in our school gave up being promoted to the class because of the matter of tuition or their different interests.
After considering her future carefully, she decided to take the lessons. After all, she believed that her English skills would surely be helpful in her future.
Ever since then, we have been slogging at mastering English together.

We had an unforgettable time together during our lessons, and I know that how she had been endeavoring to improve not only her English skills but her piano skills.
When I heard of her success, I was in the seventh heaven as if I were her mother.

Now I'm thinking about a present for her...Do you have any suggestions?
応援クリックお願いします(^^) 励みになります♪       


Author: VibrantRose TOEIC 925 (2017.4)